Check it..

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Check it..

Post by Meta4rik » 15 Apr 2003, 17:15

Basically this is how it's done...

What forum is this? I do like it... a programmer on .php? Or? i mean you can't beat invisionboard at the moment. Well Vbulletin does... but thats $200 a year or some shit.

For my old forum ( I used ikonboard. A .cgi forum, but a .cgi that could be trusted.

The site (main page) is a basic templete. Which is "nice". I was just wondering what .html, .cgi, .mySql, experience the dude who's in charge has?

If you have a lot, fancy going fuckin' wit' microsoft for some extra change? LMFAO.

I dunno what I am sayin. But who cares. Do you use "cream-weaver?" Or "blunt-page?"

Note-pad is the wat to go. Dude if you ever fanct maijng $$$ then consider opening a .html (flash bullshit) design site. They pay good. You got some skills...

I used to work on a design/hosting site... and basically got my site hosted for free (which would have been like £200 a year). Monthly gigs... far too much. :D

I see you lookin' for money... so host and design... easy as 1, 2... 4... ohhh shit! 3!

Well it's kind'a easy.

Snail Trainee
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Post by eddi_bassist » 17 Apr 2003, 14:52

well, kev does all the design,

he is a web designer by proffesion, and the company he works for (Nu-urban music) do hosting, so he does get this site a hell of a lot cheaper,

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Post by Jza » 11 May 2003, 16:31

jus checkin if my avatar works

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