Fs :- D-Wade Sk3,Lrg Sk3,Nokia N95,N93i,N73

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Fs :- D-Wade Sk3,Lrg Sk3,Nokia N95,N93i,N73

Post by avant » 04 May 2007, 17:37

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Mrs. Ayisat Ogidan
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E-mail: avantstore@hotmail.com

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E-mail: avantstore@hotmail.com

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New ETEN G500+...$200usd
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New The Treo 700w...$200
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LG VX8600 Chocolate---$150usd
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New Nintendo Wii $230
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New Playstation 3...$200

New Sony Vaio Laptops
Sony VAIO FS Series Notebook PC - VGNFS810W---$400
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Sony VAIO Z1RAP1 - Pentium M 1.5 GHz - 14.1" TFT---$900
Sony VAIO VGN-AX570G 1.86GHz Pentium M 750 1GB 160GB---$670
Sony VAIO BX660P Notebook - Intel Centrino Duo Core 2---$700
Sony VAIO VGN-BX640P51 Intel Core 2 Duo 14.1" SXGA+ ATI---$1,000
Sony VAIO VGN-BX540B02 Intel Pentium M 740(1.73GHz)---$510
Sony Vaio AR190 Intel Core Duo T2500, 1GB of DDR2 memory---$1,250
Sony VAIO VGN-C140G/B Notebook PC ---$460

New Toshiba Laptops
Toshiba Tecra M5-S433 14.1" Laptop Computer---$670
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New Dell Laptops
Dell Demo Latitude D800 15 Notebook/Laptop Computer...$800
Dell Inspiron 6000 ---$400
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Dell Precision M-70, Centrino, ---$440
Dell Inspiron 8200 P4 1.6G ---$500
Dell Latitude D820 Laptop Computer PC Notebook Computers --$780
Dell Latitude D820 Laptop Computer PC Notebook Computers--$900
Dell Inspiron 630m 1.8GHz Notebook/Laptop ... $790
Dell Inspiron 9400 2GHz Notebook/Laptop Computer...$900

New Samsung Laptops
Samsung Laptop 320P---$500
Samsung Laptop 400PNBLACK---$900
Samsung Laptop 400PX---$910
Samsung Laptop 243TSILVER---$990
SAMSUNG LAPTOP-- M40 HWM 745--$500
Samsung Q1(NP-Q1-V000) Intel Celeron M 353(900MHz) ---$900

New Apple Laptops
Apple Customized 13 MacBook Laptop Computer (Black) MacBook ---$600
Apple MacBook Black 2.0 + 100GB RAM---$950
Apple Customized 13 MacBook Laptop Computer with 2.0GHz---$810
Apple Macbook BLK 13i 2.0GHZ MA701LL/A---$740
Apple 15.4" 2.0GHz 100GB 1GB RAM Intel Macbook Pro HOT---$605
Apple G4 iBook 14 Inch Notebook Computer---$600
Apple PowerBook G4 Laptop M9970LL/A ---$900

New HP Laptops
HP / Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dv1519us Laptop Computer---$500
HP / Hewlett-Packard Demo Pavilion dv2040us---$700
HP Compaq Business Notebook 2.0GHz AMD Turion 64 DVD+---$600
HP X1360US 15.4" Intel M1.4GHz Laptop---$500
HP Pavilion DV61250M-B Notebook PC / Printer / Camera Bundle---$700
Hewlett Packard / HP HP Business Notebook nx7400 - Intel---$620
HP Pavilion DV5000Z TURION64 ML-40 2.2G-2GB-80GB Laptop---$800

Shipment is through UPS/FEDEX/DHL Courier service and they deliver to doorstep within 2-3 business days with immediate tracking number and order confirmation for verification.

The Management.
Mrs. Ayisat Ogidan
E-mail: avantstore@yahoo.com
E-mail: avantstore@hotmail.com

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