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Snail With Mates
Snail With Mates
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Post by THOM » 14 Feb 2003, 03:10

This werent about making a new form, its about changing the title of the black/death forum.

Cool Snail
Cool Snail
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Post by Dannnn » 14 Feb 2003, 06:30

Originally posted by twaz
i think there would be more of a demand for something like a nu-metal forum, or a indie forum, than an extreme metal one. extreme metal is all well and good, just not too many people are into it.

:s I don't wanna get rid of the Black/Death forum..

Snail Brother
Snail Brother
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Post by -Dave- » 14 Feb 2003, 19:16

well change it black/death/extreme metal

just boradans it alittle more, and i be more happy to post their as well.

No FeaR
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Post by No FeaR » 27 Feb 2003, 19:47


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