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Body Modification for body piercing / tattoo / mods photos, stories, advise, questions etc (may contain graphic images)

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Snail Brother
Snail Brother
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Post by Krusty » 12 Apr 2007, 23:15

Krusty wrote:
chippy wrote:i've got something else that'd suit your chops.

is it your willy?

brainy ennit

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Slug Of Satan
Slug Of Satan
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Post by Brummi » 12 Apr 2007, 23:19

dink wrote:
filsatan wrote:I reckon piercings on the side of the lips look nice. I know loads of girls who have had it done, do it.
Mind you they are all fitties, and i reckon they only look attractive on very good looking women.
So if you are a fitty get it done i suppose!

No not really :(

That's a lie, she's a proper fitty.
Get it done Dinky! It will look tremendous on you I think.
There's nothing wrong with you that changing yourself completely wouldn't fix.

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