Weighing the Pros and Cons of The New Oral SARM Supplement

The New Oral SARM Supplement

The ongoing research to discover new kinds of selective androgen receptor modulator have successfully resulted in the introduction of various different types of SARMs with distinct clinical use for each. Here’s a comparison between the pros and cons of the use of one of such newly discovered SARM and proof of how the benefits outweigh the side effects.



Even though lgd 3033 is a newly discovered SARM, it has taken the world by great surprise because of its benefits hidden in simple oral dosage. Its potency to build muscle mass and increase bone mineral density along with many others is the reason why this new SARM has been termed as the highly rated.

The potential of the new SARM to build mass, muscles and bone density has been greatly utilized by bodybuilders as an alternative to the previous  anabolic steroids which featured more cons than pros. What sets this SARM apart from others is that while other focus on building muscles, this acts on bones as well making them strong enough to withstand the force.

Furthermore, since the SARM functions by selectively triggering androgenic effect, it produces effects similar to steroids without the horrendous side effects.

The latest SARM also functions to aid weight loss by improving the body’s metabolism rate. However this effect is better achieved if this SARM is stacked with other equally potent SARMs along with regular exercise.

Other advantages of this SARM include increased stamina and endurance, reduced virilization and eliminates any chances of masculinization such as facial hair and thus are suitable for use by women as well.


Side Effects

The side effects of this SARM are relatively low and are all associated to the low levels of testosterone (caused by natural hormone suppression) and increased levels of estrogen. While the decreased testosterone levels can cause symptoms such as lethargy, hot flashes, decrease in body hair, mood swings and swelling of breast tissues, it can be treated by a complete hormone PCT once the SARM cycle ends. In case of estrogen increase, symptoms such as gynecomastia appear which are treated by an aromatase inhibtor.